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Lumaland ag – the global e-commerce network

Since its foundation, Lumaland AG has developed to become a globally active, steadily growing family of businesses. As one of today’s leading e-commerce providers in the field of Home & Living private brands, we transact over 10,000 orders each day and four million goods shipments each year.

Ideally equipped for the future

Lumaland AG’s success is based on a progressive mix of e-commerce expertise, innovative technologies and a highly active buy-and-build strategy. The focus is on strong private brands and profitability. At the heart of our success story is the Lumaland Multi-Channel Commerce Engine, an algorithm-based BI solution that identifies new products for our e-commerce network, optimising and placing them in accordance with our high quality standards. This allows us to bring e-commerce to a new level.

Our private label brands –
strong products for big objectives

Lumaland AG is steadily growing and developing its global network. We already have several brands in our strong e-commerce network which are top performers in their market segments:



Box spring beds


Ravensberger Matratzen

Matrasses and slatted frames



Home exercise supplies



„Home & Living“



Bed linen


Pets & Partner

Pet supplies


The Lumaland Group will continue to grow organically and through further acquisitions, with the aim of becoming a full-range supplier in the field of Home & Living.

Our services –
interdisciplinary and professional

Marketing Analysis & Screening

Developing new and existing products: ideas and new products are carefully analysed with a view to their added value on the market. read more

Using profiling and evaluation processes, Lumaland sets priorities for a successful future in online retail.

Customer Service & Support

As part of a globally active corporate network, Lumaland AG offers world-class multilingual customer service in Spanish, French, Italian and German. read more

Our customers also benefit from free delivery and returns – in accordance with our corporate network’s overall aspiration to be competent, international and customer-oriented.

Product & Brand Development

Lumaland has always been about developing innovative products. Every newly conceived item is established as a brand and quickly made ready for market using interlocking strategies. read more

The portfolio grows daily: originally launched for the marketing of beanbags, the Lumaland network’s range now covers an extraordinarily diverse series of products: from household aids for the bathroom and kitchen, to bed linen, to pet food.


A world without electronic retail is hard to imagine nowadays. read more

Lumaland AG has been at home in the e-commerce segment from the outset, and is now a specialist in online retail whose steadily growing expertise and broad competence creates synergies that allow us to master the fast-growing requirements of digitalisation on a daily basis. Today’s biggest opportunities are online – especially in procurement and sales.

Sourcing & Production

Lumaland AG uses a global network for its production. Internationally coordinated product range diversification enriches our portfolio on a daily basis. read more

One-sided dependencies in the procurement process are replaced by mutual exchange between production, warehousing, marketing, sales and online distribution. All of our corporate areas act in concert to achieve the best possible results for our customers.

Marketing & Sales

What is the best price? Which campaign promises the greatest reach? Our experienced marketing specialists handle all such questions with a view to preparing new and existing products for the market. read more

Our sales department develops new modes of communicating with consumers. It ensures that products are visible to all of their target groups and that they establish themselves successfully on the market, long-term.

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